This quilt is characterised by the exclusive Kassetten system. Webbing applied along the quilting stitches has the great advantage of preventing feather migration within the bag, keeping them within the perimeter of the quilting stitches. Furthermore, this boxed system prevents heat loss between the quilting stitches, allowing the feathers to be uniformly distributed over the entire surface. Each piece of webbing is 2 cm high, a thickness that maintains the upper fabric at a distance from that below. The feathers are inserted through steel tubes. All sections are filled with the same quantity of feathers weighed on an electronic scale. Once the filling is complete, the openings in the fabric are sewn up to prevent the the feathers migrating from one panel to the next.


This is the duvet suitable for all seasons. Its composition consists of:

1 SUMMER DUVET containing 1/3rd of the total stuffing. For this reason, it has been created with a very small box quilting system in order to obtain a perfectly homogeneous distribution across the duvet.

2 MID-SEASON DUVET comprising 2/3rds of the total stuffing, being the ideal weight for cool spring and autumn nights.
3 WINTER DUVET combining the two quilts whose special perimeter buttons give rise to the perfect duvet for those cold winter nights.


Children above all should sleep in the most natural way possible! Here then are the Plumage pillows and quilts designed specifically for them. A safe and proper choice for all ages. Babyplum is accompanied by a duvet cover set: a double-face pillowcase and duvet cover in pure 100% cotton. Hypoallergenic and anti-suffocation duvet.

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