Piumini Plumage

Plumage is a Northern European company, hailing from Denmark, where it has always created the best duvets, quilts and pillows in pure virgin goose or duck down. The open-air geese farms are located throughout all of Europe, specialising in hand-harvesting on live animals during the changeover period, in accordance with EDFA legislation, guaranteeing an exceptional quality base.

Only the best plumage is retained, washed, sterilised, dedusted and utilised for the stuffing of all our products. To allow the feathers to carry out their task of temperature control, Plumage imports the best covers from Germany: feather-containing Inlett fabric in pure 100% Makò long-fibre cotton with tight weave.

Plumage offers a wide range of down/feather products dedicated to high-quality sleep, being that sleeping well means being in harmony with ourselves and with others. Throughout our lives, we spend thirty years in a horizontal position, hence why good sleep is one of the primary conditions for proper physical and mental regeneration.

The craftsmanship in the assembly and the tailored finishes characterise a product for which great attention to detail guarantees unparalleled quality in accordance with international laws on processing and manufacturing standards.

Plumage only utilises original (non-regenerated) and new (virgin) duvets, given that regenerated products - having been already used for prior stuffing - is no longer soft, warm and light. What's more, since it is not virgin, it is impossible to guarantee that it is non-allergenic.

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