The casing fabric is of fundamental importance for the packing of a down/feather cover because, depending on its composition and quality, it favours or undermines the particular characteristic of the duvet (water vapour transmission).
The feather-containing fabric is created in pure long-fibre Makò cotton, its tight weave preventing the escape of down without compromising the high transpiration power. Today, the use of silicone-coated or microfiber liners has spread by virtue of its low costs. Yet this creates the disadvantage of the so-called "cellophane" effect.

For the covering of its top-quality feather, Plumage has selected 6 sInlett casing in various weights from the most qualified and certified German producers of Makò feather-containing 100% cotton fabrics. 
To maximise its offerings, Plumage offers two additional new high-tech natural fibre fabrics:


The Active Fabric Cotton guarantees the minimum amount of heat loss, favouring a drier and more pleasant climate.


From the sea, the well-being of sleep: the revolutionary fabric with seaweed and silver that render multiple protective and invigorating functions.


The new and exclusive BioVital fabric. The concentrate of aloe vera acts as a perfect antimicrobial agent, with vitamin E for an antioxidant effect and jojoba oil for moisturising that is all strictly natural.

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